What It Means to Be a Single Mother

Being a single mother is hard, everyone knows that. But it’s also incredibly empowering and often funny. 

Here's my top 10 list of what it means to be a single mother:

1. Being a single mother means getting to make all the rules.

2. Being a single mother means relaxing your cleanliness standards. A lot.

3. Being a single mother means missing your kids like crazy when your ex has them, only to want to give them back ten minutes after they come home.

4. Being a single mother means accepting sleep deprivation as a natural state.

5. Being a single mother means thanking God everyday that you didn’t name your son after your ex-husband.

6. Being a single mother means hauling a toddler, a baby and a diaper bag while wearing high heels and a cute skirt, because you never know when you’ll meet someone.

7. Being a single mother means sometimes waiting for the stop sign to turn green.

8. Being a single mother means using a broom and shovel to clear the leaves in the yard, because you don’t have a rake, or shoveling while wearing oven mitts for gloves.

9.  Being a single mother means wrapping presents for yourself so your kids still believe in Santa.

10. Being a single mother means finding out you are stronger than you ever knew was possible.

And another 10, in case you are sitting in the pickup line of your kids' school and are bored and dying for someone to entertain you:

11.  Being a single mother means you realize a man who drives a family sedan is sexier than one with a convertible.

12. Being a single mother means painting your son’s toenails just because it will make your ex-husband crazy.

13. Being a single mother means recycling like crazy because you are the one who has to lug the garbage to the curb.

14. Being a single mother means living on ramen noodles when you don’t have the kids because you don’t want to waste a moment of grown up time at the grocery store.

15. Being a single mother means noticing whether every adult you come in contact with is wearing a wedding ring or not.

16. Being a single mother means not getting an oil change in over a year.

17. Being a single mother means being secretly proud when the baby clocks your ex- mother-in-law on the head on Christmas.

18. Being a single mother means realizing you don’t need another husband, you need a nanny. 

19. Being a single mother means occasionally using votive candles on a birthday cake because that last detail fell through the cracks.

20. Being a single mother makes you very sensitive to gender-biased language that implies women are weaker, because you are the strongest person you know.


  1. Fabulous posts! I've been reading several, and smiling as I peruse every one. I could stay and read all day, but I have portfolios to grade, and students that would prefer I read their writings right now.... I'll be back!

  2. Love these!! So funny and true.
    I need a nanny and a "wife." :-)

  3. I can relate to every single one of these, except the skirt and heels with toddler.


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