Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

As some of you know, my ex-husband’s dog died recently.  The boys are emotional messes.  I found this workbook online, which has been surprisingly helpful: I Miss My Pet.

I’m a pretty emotional person myself, and consider myself pretty good at this sort of thing, so I wasn’t sure I “needed” a workbook to help talk to my kids. We talk about this stuff fairly often. 

My youngest son, who has the better emotional vocabulary of the two, has been pretty reserved about the dog dying, compared to his brother, who cries several times a day about it. The workbook has really helped him open up about the mess of feeling he has. 

Last night we were working on the workbook, and at one point he got up and ran to the corner of the room to hide his tears. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I am afraid the dog is mad at me.” 
(This was in the section about blaming yourself.)

I couldn’t imagine why the dog would be mad, but he said, “I told him I’d see him next week and then I didn’t get to see him again.”

Sigh. This is the sort of thing I wasn’t even thinking of that this workbook has allowed to come out. 

This morning he wanted to work on the workbook before school, but thankfully the workbook talks about finding a good time to talk so I was able to gently remind him that I am here for him but we have to go to school now. 

I am so grateful that someone made this available for free online, so I wanted to share it here. 

If you have children who are grieving a pet, download this workbook. It really has helped. 
Here is the link again. I Miss My Pet.

Rest in Peace, Zulu. You were loved.

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