Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yes, I'm Talking About My Boobs Again

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you already know I occasionally talk about my boobs, my underwear, and encourage other people to talk about their underwear. I then talk about kids for awhile before returning to my boobs and underwear and my underwear.

I'm a big busted woman, and for all my other hard-to-fit sisters of any size, I had to write this unsolicited product review of my newly discovered favorite bra company, True&Co.

(I have not been paid for this review in money, discounts, or free stuff. Of course if they decide to give me any of these I wouldn't turn them down.)

Someone I know (but don't remember who) liked a Facebook ad for a bra company named True&Co. recently and on a whim I decided to try them out.  I've never been entirely happy with any bra purchase, so I figured I didn't have much to lose, particularly with their home try on program, where you get 3 bras and they charge a nominal fee on your credit card - I recall it being $45 - and you have five days to make up your mind. 

I'm sure every woman has some store bra fitting horror story.  Mine occurred when I was 18.  A new mall opened by my house and I went shopping.  I wound up in a store called Cacique, which may or may not still be in business. It was one of those stores that only sold unmentionables in pretty well lit displays. They had a large sign offering free bra fittings, so I asked for one.

An over weight, overly made-up middle aged woman came to help me.  

Mean Old Saleslady:  What size are you wearing?
Me:  34D
MOS:  You are NOT a 34D.
She viciously pulled the band of my bra out six inches and snapped it on my back, then fussed with a measuring tape around my torso. 
MOS: You are a 32C
She stormed off to find me an appropriate bra before i could answer, then thrust a pretty bra at me and glowered.

I tried on the bra, which barely covered my nipples. 

ME: (turning around to face MOS with boobs overflowing bra) Is this how it's supposed to fit?

MOS:  Says nothing, turns on her heel and walks off. 

I've had friendlier sales people, but no one has successfully found a bra that fit me properly, so I didn't have high hopes. 

True&Co. has this light-hearted quiz that you take to get their recommendations. I actually enjoyed the quiz. I took their recommendations with a grain of salt, though, because I have been wearing bras since I was 9 and I have a pretty good idea of what sizes work and which don't. 

Because of the whole 5 day try-on thing, I went ahead and ordered 3 bras in three different sizes. The bras appeared in less than a week in a pretty box, the bras not only bagged conveniently in one bag instead of 3 separate ones and wrapped in tissue paper like a present. 

(Really, if I shell out any amount of money on myself, I really appreciate nice gifty-feeling packaging. As a former graphic designer of apparel, I also appreciate nice tags on clothing.)

Here's my analysis:

1. The hooks look extra strong.
2. The fabric is soft and has a luxurious hand to it. Nothing itchy or cheap feeling. 
3. The underwire did not poke At ALL!  Normally a bra that fits in the cup pokes into my armpits as I have a high bust. 
4. The price is reasonable for the product.  I'd rather spend a little more for something that actually works, and I learned long ago that buying two ill fitting bras I throw away after a month is not a good budgeting strategy. I'd rather pay more and have something I can tolerate. I'd call their prices mid-tier in my size range.

I'm kind of a weird size, I really need a 35" band, but I loved both the 34E and the 36E, so I kept both of them. The 38DD fit in the cup, but the band was far too large, so I sent it back in the enclosed postage paid envelope.  They could not have made it any easier. I also sent them feedback on their online form, and I'm sure they will have even better recommendations for me next time. I have no idea who these people are, but they really made bra shopping a joy. I didn't have anything witty or interesting to say, but there are a few companies I think everyone should know about, and I try to send a shout-out when appropriate. I really cannot stop raving about these people.  If you have hard to fit boobs, or even regular sized boobs that fit perfectly into standard sizes, you owe it to yourself to check this company out. Comfy. Pretty. Didn't have to leave the house to try on in front of Mean Old Saleslady. What more could anyone want?

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