Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Eye of the Artist

Tiny Pants loves art. He wants to be an artist some day. His artwork is not particularly exceptional for a six year old, but he spends a lot of time on it and it makes him happy. 

Not only is this a fine thing in and of itself, but it is much nicer for Mama to watch him draw in the kitchen than to watch him play sports outside in the cold, so it's really a win-win.

(He doesn't like art class at school. They are very restrictive in what he has to do and what colors he can use. I understand that they are trying to teach him theory, but he gets very sad and asks "Why won't they let me add a sunset to my picture? It needs a sunset.")

At home he can draw or paint whatever he wants.  The only problem is the mountain of drawings he piles on the table every night as gifts of love.  To solve this I asked him to make me bookmarks. I showed him the width of my roll of clear packing tape, and explained that I could easily laminate small pictures and use them everyday. 

He thought this was a grand idea, because he wants his art to be visible, useful, and valued. Even though he still mostly makes things on large pieces of paper, he occasionally brings me something small enough to use as a bookmark. 

I got this one this week:

It's a Yeti's legs, in case you couldn't tell.  Just his legs. That's all he needed. I think it's my favorite thing ever. 

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