Thursday, October 9, 2014

Privacy? Who needs privacy?

So I'm finally beyond the point of wanting or needing children in the bathroom with me when I pee.

They are no longer going to draw on the walls in the 15 seconds it takes me to do my business, but I'm still not used to the door always being closed when I'm in there. It's not that I want it open, it's just been so long that I no longer to remember to shut it.

Well, I was sitting down having a tinkle and I look up and realize I have a perfect view of the kitchen door. Which has a window. Because I am lazy and/or efficient, I order a lot of stuff on Amazon instead of dropping by Target to pick it up, lazy things like printer ink and sweat pants. Which means I get a lot of deliveries. And I pee a lot. 

Which means I have been basically peeing in front of the UPS driver for months.

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