Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wild Sheep!

Big Pants is wicked smart.  I call him "memory boy" because he has always had a phenomenal memory.  School is easy for him, because he doesn't have to work that hard.  Humor came to him late, and accuracy is paramount in all discussions.

Tiny Pants is equally smart, but in a totally different way.  School is more challenging for him, and he works really hard at it.  But Tiny Pants is filled with story and art and big thoughts and many strange and delightful jokes.  

They are both fun, but in totally different ways, and sometimes it amuses me to provoke that. Today Big Pants had baseball practice, so Tiny Pants and I went rollerblading.  I saw a fluffy white dog, and called out "wild sheep!"  which made Tiny laugh hysterically.  We spent the day hunting for sheep, which were really dogs.

When we were all reunited in the car, I saw another dog, and here's what happened:

Mama: Wild Sheep!
BIG PANTS: That's a dog.
TINY PANTS: Wild sheep! Wild Sheep!
BIG PANTS: Mama, that's a DOG.
MAMA: There's no proof that dogs exist.  They are like dragons. 
BIG PANTS:  I have proof! We have a dog at home!
MAMA: He's a wild pig.
TINY PANTS: He's really a wild cow.
MAMA: A miniature cow!
BIG PANTS: Daddy has a dog.
TINY PANTS: It's a horse!
(It's a yellow lab, for the record.)
MAMA: But we call him Bear. That's proof he's not a dog. 
MAMA: Tiny Pants, what is he?
TINY PANTS:  A bear!!
BIG PANTS: (near tears) MAMA! Stop it!  You know dogs exist!

Game had to stop before Big Pants exploded.  He didn't think it was fun at all.  It made him frustrated nearly to the point of no return.  But, man, I had a blast provoking him. 

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