Friday, April 25, 2014

The Seven Nicest Things My Ex Said to Me

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We have been a two-household family for six years. I don't like the negativity of "broken home" because we have found our groove and while it's a different parenting style, I don't think it's necessarily broken.The children have two houses, not one broken one. 

In fact, we parent extremely well together even though we don't reside in the same house. I thought instead of listing advice on how to co-parent after divorce, I'll just give you seven examples of solid proof that it can be done.

The 7 Nicest Things My Ex Said to Me:

1.  If you ever are on the ledge and can't go on, you can call me. I may hate you, but the children need both a mother and a father.

2. You were right to leave. We would never have worked. I now hate other people more than I hate you. 

3. If you want the kids to listen to you, you have to give them the look of death.  What you do is look at them like you are going to rip their heads off, and really focus on wanting to rip their heads off. Then they won't talk back to you. 

4.  I trust your judgement that anyone you have around the children is a good person. All I care about is if the kids like them. 

5. If they won't listen to you, call me. I will come over and back you up. No way those kids get to disrespect you.

6. Sure, I'll take the kids when you are at your residency for school. No problem.

7. Is it OK if I go on vacation that long with the boys? I know you really miss them when they are gone. 

In short, he might not have been the right guy for me, but he definitely is the right father for my kids.

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