Thursday, March 20, 2014

Space Cadet

A former friend once accused me of being "flighty."  I was indignant. I am not flighty.  I am very together and on top of things. Mostly. Except, of course, when I am, er…flighty.

Actually, I think spacey is more apropos. It's more like some of the wires in my brain aren't connected properly or are covered in pudding. I have gotten lost driving to work on more than one occasion.  (Which taught me four different ways home, for the record.)  Lost isn't the right word, rather I tend to drive past my exit obliviously. 

Case in point:  we went to Orlando last month, and as I was exiting the plane I had a niggling thought that perhaps I should have checked the seat pocket in front of me and double check that I didn't leave my kindle there.  Naah. I'm sure I didn't. 

Except when I got home it was gone.  Tragically gone, and although I filed a lost item claim, no one ever turned it in. Sadly, I gave up on the airline ever returning it, and bought another a few weeks later.

Yesterday I was reading my kindle and it inexplicably made me re-register it. I figured I must have accidentally hit the wrong button or something and relinked it to my account, then continued reading my book.  The next time I picked up my kindle, it had forgotten my location, which happens, because I also use the kindle app on my laptop and my cellphone. 

I went to pack up my kindle in the precious handmade case I lovingly made for it, and this happened:

Wait, what?

Yes. I am that person who lost her kindle because I put it away in its case and never thought to look there.  Sigh. 

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