Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest Post on MomSoap!

Today I am posting over on MomSoap!  I first "met" Martha after I read her article on the blog at BrainChild Magazine.  I liked her writing so much I chased her down online and sent her a fan letter.  That led to guest posting on her blog (read the first one here if you missed it) and she graciously posted here on Only-Mama in return.  

In honor of Black History month, solicited guest posts on racism. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say, but I decided to write about that moment when you know you have made a colossal faux pax but you aren't entirely sure what it was or how to fix it.  I call it Awkward Silences, and I have far too many of them. 

I am a white woman, primarily raised around white people.  I have always considered myself to be as non-racist as possible, given my isolation from other races.  In my heart, I believe I don’t judge others based on color, and I think I manage to avoid believing or perpetuating stereotypes.  But sometimes I get it wrong, and my first clue is the awkward silence.

Read the whole thing on!

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