Monday, January 6, 2014

A Word of Advice

So let's just say you have a Mac Book Pro, and for the sake of argument, let's say you got it a few years ago for Christmas and you love it a lot. And perhaps one day, you see a microscopic bug crawling along happily underneath the glass of your screen, do not poke it with your finger through the glass. 

If, for some reason, you find yourself unable to resist poking the tiny microscopic bug, for the love of all that is holy, wait until it is at the edge of your screen before you smoosh it underneath the glass of your screen. 

Obviously I have no first hand knowledge of such a thing.  I am only suggesting a, ahem, hypothetical situation.  

Because no one who owned a Mac Book Pro that they got for Christmas a few years ago and which costs a hell of a lot of money would ever intentionally squish a bug in the middle of their screen. No one, especially not someone who is emotionally attached to their Mac and uses words to describe it like electronic teddy bear.  

That would be foolish and impulsive, and, I'll say it, flighty. That would not be the action of someone like me, someone who loved and appreciated their Mac and treated it like family and didn't ever - for the love of all that is holy - never, ever let their children touch it  let alone would ever smoosh a bug under the screen. 

But if I did happen to do such a thing, which of course I would not ever do, it just might leave a burned up bug in the middle of the screen which just might hypothetically look like this:

So if you have such a tiny microscopic bug crawling underneath the glass of your laptop screen, don't touch it. Just don't. Not that I would know or anything. 

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