Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas Peppermint Tray

I don't do pintrest,for the very simple reason that I know it will eat every spare moment showing me fabulous things that will just make me fee inadequate. I can feel perfectly inadequate on my own, thank you very much.

However, I accidentally got sucked into a pintrest-type thing this week.  I was reading a blog and wound up here.  I left the window on my computer open for an entire week. 


I tried to close it, but I couldn't. I was captivated. The peppermint tray held an evil hypnotic hold over me. I needed my own "perfect presentation for Santa's cookies." What kind of mother would I be otherwise?

I could not unsee it; while I had never before  heard of such a thing, now that I knew it was in existence I was sure all the way to my bones that my holiday would not be complete unless I made a peppermint tray. Heck, my life would not be complete without a peppermint tray.  it was my Christmas Destiny. 

The directions were pretty simple:

1. unwrap a lot of candies
2. place in a round baking pan lined with tinfoil
3. back for 8 minutes at 350  and "do not walk away…make sure the candies do not over melt."

I unwrapped the candy. 

Unwrapping is a skill I have.

I placed in lined pan. 

I can put candy in a pan like a boss

I put in oven, and checked every 8 seconds for the first minute, then completely forgot about them until the timer went off.  Thank God for timers.

the blurriness is the heat of the oven,
not my photography skills 

I took it out of the oven, and it was like a light from Heaven shined down on me.  I Made A Freaking Peppermint Tray! 

Checking frequently is for sissies.

I photographed it, I held it up to the light, I stared at it in wonder. 

My Very Own Peppermint Tray!

 I Made A Freaking Peppermint Tray!

Or a frisbee

For the rest of the week, I will only answer to Our Lady, Queen of Christmas. So what if I got crappy presents for people? So what if I haven't gotten around to vacuuming yet and the house guests will be here any minute? I made a freaking peppermint tray. My work here is done. 

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