Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Arty Coolness That You Have to See and Also Buy For Me

There are some people out there who have skills above and beyond the realm of moderately-arty-mom.  People who think of things that are so out of the box yet so perfect that you can't believe no one else thought of it except no one else did.

I'm a moderately arty mom.  I  make all kinds of Barely Recognizable animals for my children on demand, mostly without patterns, and mostly with moderately successful results. Yes, I can proudly say that I am moderately successful at making barely recognizable animals.

Shut up, it's a boy version of Lilo's doll
 with a smaller head. And clothes. 

I have made both a helicopter and motorcycle out of cardboard, both with shoulder straps so you can wear them like weirdly large waders and crash into things in the house.  (OK, the motorcycles took a fair amount of help from a dear friend, H.)

I have carried large rocks up two flights of stairs to allow my children to create a castle with a moat. (that was a bad idea, for the record, resulting in many stubbed toes and a lot of bargaining to get the rocks back outside.)

But that's all sort of moderately- arty stuff.  These peeps take it to an entirely new level:

This man colors his kids art into like, real grown up art.  Which might piss off my kids on occasion, because they are really bossy about their art, but they are also lazy, so if I had the skill to do this they would totally make me do it all the time. 

Image from WhereCoolThingsHappen

Or there's this mom, who collaborates with her daughter with super amazing results that I would totally buy and hang on the wall, or drink coffee out of, because she awesomely made mugs as well as framed prints.

You can read it here  or you can buy me one here
by BusyMockingBird

Because I'd totally love that for Christmas, or just because you love me and want to give me a present.

Artist people are cool.  But, really, I want to do this with MY kids' art.  Tiny Pants has fallen in love with art and is constantly bringing me Art in Bed, Art at Breakfast, and Art at Snack time. (Tiny Pants observes two meals: breakfast, and Snack. Snack occurs approximately 15 minutes after breakfast concludes and lasts until he is asleep. If he could, He'd sleep with a graham cracker in his hand.)

I have a friend, G., who traces her daughter's art onto cloth and embroiders it.  I so am going to do that someday.  Or pay her to do it for me…wonder if she is game? I'd love a quilt made of squares of my kids' art, but I know I will never finish it; it will join the latch hook kit, baby quilt kit, and all their half-finished cousins hiding under my bed. 

Then I discovered this artist, Mia Van Beek, who takes your children's art and makes it into jewelry.  Hello.  There are few things I love more than shiny sparkly things.  I fell in love with jewelry when I was given a box of old half-broken things when I was four, and I have yet to overcome my love of it.  

I've always both loved and scorned the generic "mother" jewelry.  I totally understand the need to proclaim your love for your family through gold, silver, and gemstones.  Really, the only other way to express your love for your family would be through life sized replicas of them in chocolate, but then the dog would chew on their feet and that would be awkward.

The only reason I don't wear mom jewelry is that I haven't found anything quirky and arty and interesting enough to justify spending the money on it.

Until now.  I totally wish I could have your speakers blast the Alleluia Chorus right now.  Look at this and tell me this is not the coolest. thing. ever. You can't.  You want it too. 

You Want To Buy Me These Here

One thing I love about not having any sponsors is that I don't have to be all professional about promoting things.  I can just rave and squeak in excitement and not have to sound like a grown up at all. 

Buy Me

 And I can totally send subliminal messages for you to buy me presents without getting sued for mind control. (I think) 

Really, Really Buy This

 But in all seriousness, there is something important about seeing the creative thoughts people dream up, that helps us to see the world a little bit differently.  Art is magic, and witnessing it does something to your soul, deep down, in that place where you are still seven years old, and the world is still full of possibility.  These artists have captured that feeling in a way that makes my heart bigger inside. 


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