Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiny Pants had to make a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Like many kindergarteners, the school is pushing their Gratitude Agenda and forcing children to pause before the gimme gimme gimme presents rush of December to contemplate things they are grateful for that they already have.  

I'm sure they encourage them to consider being grateful for some non-materialistic things, because of the Gratitude Turkeys on display, most did not list toys, video games, or TVs, but that could also be because, to my children at least, these things are their God Given right and not something extra special. Most kids today, mine included, would never even think that a TV wasn't an absolute necessity, and they can't even imagine a life without toys. 

Tiny Pants has a history of interesting answers to class projects. Last month, he wrote down that his Halloween ghost likes to eat thigh.  When questioned, he huffed back at me, "I meant chicken!"  Because obviously ghosts prefer chicken to thighs. Or maybe they like chicken thighs. 

This is his turkey:

He is grateful for:
His Brother (ironically, the only legible word on there)
His Teacher

Yes, when having to choose the top 6 things he is happy about having in life, elbows made the list. 

I questioned him about it, and yes, he meant elbows, and he adamantly defended his choice.

Without elbows you can't eat.
Without elbows you can't drink.
Without elbows your hands would not stay attached to your body.

The kid has a point, and I guess elbows are better than knees because of that whole eating thing. I'd add that he couldn't snuggle his sleep bunny or hug Mama as easily without elbows. 

There you have it; gratitude, Tiny Pants style. The kid is a gem. 

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