Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Not To Wax Your Eyebrow

"Let me go put my eyebrow on."

That's this week's version of my Grandma's, "give me a minute to put my face on, Honey."

I have been waxing my eyebrows for years…like a solid two decades worth. I use the same Sally Hansen wax strips that I always have.  I have it down to a science:

1. Rub wax strips together to heat up, while channeling my inner Mr Miyagi.

Image: ‪speedysasquatch.blogspot.com‬ 

2. Trim wax strip using scissors. I have done this so often that I don't have to even look at my eyebrow. I could trim my waxstrip in my sleep.

Image: brothersoft.com

3. Apply to one side, careful to let the extra too-long part remain free and waving in the breeze.

Image: mymodernmet
4.  Rip off wax strip and admire all the little hairs…OMG THAT"S HALF MY EYEBROW ON THERE!

5. Confirm in mirror that I did just rip off an inch of eyebrow unintentionally, and that all the hairs I wanted to remove are, in fact, still attached to my face. 

6. Blink back tears and tell yourself it will be OK.

Image: fanpop.com

7.  Fill in empty space with eyeshadow and run to the store to purchase pencil.

Image: roarkla.com

8. Pencil in eyebrow and ask everyone I come in contact with if they can tell.

image: myshreen.com

9. Stare for long periods at eyebrow looking for new growth before bed.

10. Forget about eyebrow entirely the next day until I am out in public and can do nothing about it. 
Image: monarchhouse.com

 It's just hair.  It will grow back.  It's not a chalazion cyst after all. 

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