Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Penises Are Like Dogs, Clitorises Are Like Cats

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DISCLAIMER #1:  I'm not talking about all dogs/penises or all cats/clitorises. I am only making leaps of faith based on the ones I have come in contact with in my life. This is not a scientific study resulting from a well thought out hypothesis, and I did not once employ the scientific method. I merely woke up with an idea and ran with it. 

DISCLAIMER #2:  This article is NOT in reference to abused animals or people. Neither is funny. Often, if an animal is mean, we can assume an abusive person made them that way. I like to believe that   both people and dogs/cats are born good and if treated with respect and love will grow to be kind and decent adult animals that can be safely and appropriately made fun of in blogs.

Who wants to play with me?
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I said Don't Fucking Touch Me Like That on Wednesdays!
image: pet360.com

But, in spite of their apparent differences, the right combination can result in a lifelong and beautiful merging of totally different personalities. When it works, it works.
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