Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Wrinkles Have Pimples

image: IngredientsofStyle.com

The first place I discovered wrinkles were between my eyes.  I was 23.  I noticed that if I pulled my skin tight, I could see cracks in it, and I correctly surmised that this was a harbinger of worse things to come.

Sure enough, I soon had skin resembling elephants' knees between my eyes, often accessorized with a pimple on top, like some oil demon with a bedazzler wanted to highlight the worst part of my complexion.

Which leads me to ask, how is it even possible  to have wrinkles with pimples on top of them? I thought wrinkles resulted from dry, aged skin. I thought pimples were born of oily, young skin?  Does my face have multiple personality disorder? 

I am starting to suspect something more sinister is going on; perhaps the wrinkles are creating little run-off ditches for the oil on my skin, guiding it to pool in my wrinkles. I assume this might be a way to lubricate dry skin and it certainly sounds like a viable option, but the ned result is that I get pimples on my wrinkles.

I do not like wrinkles. I do not like pimples. I really don't like wrinkles with pimples in them.  However, if you want to look younger in this age-obsessed culture, maybe sporting a few pimples is the way to go.  After all, nothing says youth like a giant mountain of oil and debris on the tip of your nose.

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