Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Proms, Less Weddings

My college is having a "second chance prom," which is awesome and cool, except I can't go because I am only on campus a few weeks out of each semester and I'm totally bummed about it.  None of my undergraduate schools had any sort of prom whatsoever, and if they did, I just might have delayed getting married.

I loved prom. I wheedled my way into any prom I could. I went to nine proms in high school.  Nine, and it was always all about the dress, not the man. I loved prom dresses, and I still do, I'm just not allowed to wear them anymore (outside of the house).

I think that if people had more life events that involved formal wear, there would be less weddings.

Think about it - if you had the choice between wearing a big princess gown and going in a limo to a dance with all of your friends, 
wearing a big princess gown and going in a limo to a dance with all of your friends AND have to legally commit to someone forever, wouldn't the prom scenario be more enticing?

Weddings should be separated from marriages.  Loving someone forever and choosing to make that commitment is a huge and beautiful thing, but weddings are often about dresses and parties and being perfect on Your Special Day during which the groom is mostly treated as an accessory.

Let your boyfriend be your accessory at grown-up prom, and leave your marriage ceremony free of all the hoopla over the dress. Let it be pure and clean and only about vows of eternal love.

Meanwhile bring back lots of balls and formal occasions where I get to wear big pouffy dresses! Lots of fancy dresses in an assortment of colors!  Few of us actually get to marry princes and live in castles, and even the ones who do seem to be photographed pretty often in regular attire, not princess dresses.  If we got to dress like a princess on occasion, maybe we would get to feel like a princess on occasion, regardless of marital status. 

And don't get me started on how we need more tiara-wearing occasions.....

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  1. I love it!!! More occasions to wear formal gowns! Yes! Yes! Yes!


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