Monday, October 14, 2013

Sharing The Love of All Things Delightful

One of the joys of having children is sharing things you love with them. 


I will never forget the first time I had fun with my kids. Let's be honest, babies are cute and funny and sweet and snuggly, but they aren't really fun. It took a few excruciatingly long years for my kids to be big enough to do things that I liked, as well.  When they were one and three, we went to the zoo. The baby was in the stroller, the big one on the back and we went careening down a big hill Full Speed Ahead.  It was the first time I had fun at the same time that they did.

image: flickr

As the boys have grown, I have gotten to introduce them to more fun things that I enjoy, like water slides, bicycles, Muppets, and chocolate covered pretzels. There is nothing like watching your child find something as wonderful as you do. 

There is nothing more wonderful than this
Image: HuffingtonPost

Introducing your children to your favorite foods is exciting as well. I love artichokes, but historically, not a lot of other people share my enthusiasm for the vegetable. They have been my favorite food since I was ten, or eight, or definitely as long as I can remember.  They were what I requested for my birthday dinner every year.  They are so good that after I eat the leaves, I have to dig through the pile and look for any leaves that haven't been entirely eaten.  I don't think i have ever met anyone else who feels the same way about artichokes in my 40 years on this planet.

I have tried for years to get my kids to try them, even calling them "monster snacks" and going RAARRRRR! while scraping them leaves with my teeth.  They flat out refused to try them, looking me like I was a little bit of a crazy person and quickly leaving the room.  Until, that is, this past Saturday.  On Saturday, Big Pants tried my artichoke, and he liked it.

Image and Eating Instructions:

He liked it so much he started chanting "ARTICHOKE! ARTICHOKE!" while spinning in circles of glee. I was so proud - I had been waiting years for this moment!  
My genes are strong with this one!

Yes, child, you can thank me for this amazing taste sensation!

And then he ate half of my artichoke.  MY artichoke, the one I had bought as a special treat for MYSELF was being rapidly devoured by my son, who until I opened my big mouth, never knew artichokes were so divine. Mama Fail!

 I should have stuck with introducing him to bike riding and kept the artichokes for myself!


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