Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Other Side

I have crossed over the great divide between 39 and 40, and I think I might like it here.

First of all, those people who spent the last 2 years haranguing me about being "almost 40" and thought they were a lot funnier than they were have vanished.   When I stop to  think about the fact that any comment on my age for a solid two years was in regard to anticipating my upcoming 40th, it's a relief to finally be there.  Now, the only comments that can be made are about how good I look for my age.

I stopped lying about my age when i was 14.  I realized that although I could pass for 17, compared to the real 17 year olds I was lacking.  It was far better to astonish people with my real age than to be average for a different age.  The same is true in the other direction.  I look damn good for 40, but not so much for 30.  As a thirty year old, you'd say life had not been kind to me.  In fact, I'm thinking of saying I am 45 in order to really look good for my age.  No, not really.  Well, maybe.

I am solid at 40. They say good memoir can not be written younger than 40, and as I am primarily a memoirist, this is good. I am coming into my own.  I am no longer someone who needs to grow up a little more. I have passed through immature and flighty into batty and eccentric. I suppose, to be honest, crazy still applies equally well at 40, but we don't have to dwell on that.

I also get an excuse for a really good party, one with a special dress, good friends, and lots of calories. I get to eat all the cake I want and no one can criticize me. I get to wear a birthday tiara.I have had cake for 3 days in a row so far, and I can be indulgent and demanding for at least one more day before my birthday extravaganza comes to a close and I have to let real life set in.

I may reflect differently about it all next week, but right now, 40 is looking pretty good.


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  3. Happy Birthday! 40 is great and only gets better! :-)


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