Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poetic Thoughts by Tiny Pants

Tiny Pants thinks in unusual word pairings, creative situations, and lyric phrases.  Tiny pants doesn't think the water at the park tastes bad, he thinks it tastes like a sprinkle filled with anchor rust.

For a long time, i thought his charm, flexible morals and high verbal skills meant he would be a lawyer, but now I'm starting to see an emerging writer in him.

I give you today's  Poetic Thoughts by Tiny Pants:


  1. Hey Mama,
    Just "met" you on twitter. Thanks for being my 999 follower! Been reading some of your blog and really like it. This post is a gem :)

    Your Tiny pants really can turn a phrase! LOL

    @ThaShesaid "Anne" (Also a peanut butter lover)


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