Friday, September 20, 2013

In Case You Aren't Yet Tired of Me Talking About My Boobs

Some of you may know that I have big boobs. It is possible that I might have mentioned it once or twice before, and maybe even devoted a whole post to them once. Maybe.

I have struggled with finding the perfect bra for years, so imagine my elation to discover that Jockey had a whole new idea for sizing bras!  I gleefully sent them $20 for my sizing kit, which consisted of "volumizer cups" which Dog was nice enough to model for me:

My Dog Hates Me

a tape measure with rainbow colors,

Ooooo, Pretty!

 a gift certificate for $20 off my first purchase, and a white net lingerie bag. (Not photo worthy.)

I was shocked and amazed with how fast it came.  I debated which size bowl my boobs best fit into, which was a little tricky.  Eventually I decided on this one:

Wow, my Boobs are huge.

I ran to my computer to order my perfectly fitting bra, sized 32- 10,  only to find they don't actually make them in my size.  Sigh. They were super nice and apologetic and refunded my money so I have nothing bad to say about Jockey. They also promised to make more sizes soon, but I wasn't waiting around for soon.

I stuffed the kit in my closet (because I can't throw anything away) and today my kids and I found them.  Of course, the first thing they did was use them as football pads and to pretend they were pregnant.  Interestingly, they were too young to realize that they could make fake boobs out of them, for which I was grateful on the on hand, but drat on the missed photo op!

We found other uses though:
Boob Hat Selfie!

Tiny Pants joined the Navy:

And we had some snacks:

Free bowls!

And ended the day using them as boats in the bathtub and as mini-hot tubs for small toy animals. And that is the story of how Jockey failed at helping my boobs find a home but succeed in keeping my kids busy for an hour.

No,  Jockey did not sponsor this post. I kind of hope they never see this post, actually. I may not be the spokesperson they are looking for.

Here's someone else who did not sponsor this blog - Panache, makers of my new favorite bras. They come in a wide variety of sizes and hold up even if you accidentally always throw them in the dryer.  Because I love them so much and because I feel the pain of every woman out there struggling to find inner peace through bra-happiness, I am giving them a free plug. They don't call them super bras for nothing.


  1. Lol Love it! I have the most difficult time finding bras that are the correct size, although has some GREAT boob/bra info. I love the look of the Panache bras but I'm always afraid of ordering them and paying $$ to get something that doesn't fit (because I suck at sending things back.)

  2. Love it! I have the worst time finding bras that fit properly, although has some great boob/bra info. I love the look of Panache bras but am always afraid to spend the $$ and then have them not fit (because I suck at returning things!)


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