Friday, September 6, 2013


So I have these kids that grow, and not just their bodies but their feet, too.  Normally my kids are excellent shoppers; they love to shop for anything as long as they get to pick something out.  Picking out shoes is generally something they enjoy; the picking, the hunting for sizes, the running around the store to see if they make you faster (yes, I am that parent.)  But not this year.

This year they refused.  They thought I should pick out something online and not bother them.  There were tears falling down faces at the idea of new shoes.  However, there were also tears of frustration running down cheeks regarding trying to shove too-small shoes onto too-big feet.  I decided to let them sit with that frustration until it was greater than the desire to avoid buying new shoes f o r e v e r.

Today was the day when everyone wanted to buy shoes, and i even had a coupon.  I am a chronic loser of coupons. Having a coupon and knowing where it is and bringing it to the store is a major accomplishment that only happens once or twice a year.  This time the coupon was on my smartphone, which made it easier.

Not only did everyone want to buy shoes, but we walked in and someone offered to help us within 30 seconds of entering the store.  We got our feet measured.   We, in this case, means the children, not me. I did not want or need my feet to be measured by a man young enough to be my child.

After we determined our sizes, we proceeded to the kid's athletic shoe aisle and both kids walked  right up and found shoes that they liked that were in their size and not too expensive.  For my part, I was good and didn't even look at the women's shoes, so therefore was able to almost entirely avoid shoe envy (except for one pair of really gorgeous black low-heeled boots that are too similar to a pair I bought last year to be a good buy, but dang were they fab).  All-around very nearly the best shoe buying trip ever.  If they gave me those boots free that would have made it a full-blown Shoe Extravaganza, but seeing as how that isn't how the universe actually ever works, I''l take a 5 minute trip where I used a coupon in conjunction with a pair on clearance and a sale.  

In celebration of our, ok, I'll say it, Shoe Conquest we went to a local frozen yogurt chain.  We each got a frozen yogurt with interesting toppings - pretzels for Tiny Pants, Cookie Dough and Strawberries for Big Pants, and fresh blackberries for me - and I got a plain one for a friend.  The cashier asked if I was buying it for my dog.

Wait, what? Yes, she explained, many, many customers bring home frozen yogurt for their dog.  

Has the universe shifted slightly to Freaking Insane in the last ten-minutes?   Enough people there buy yogurt for their dog that it is the norm, rather than the exception.  I don't think this is just financially weird,obviously I do, but I'm also not entirely sure that it is even gastronomically appropriate. 

Do you feed your dog ice dream/frozen yogurt, and if you do, do you go to a yogurt parlor to get it?

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  1. I give Grace the last bite, or lick of whatever I am eating - so, if I have frozen yogurt, she gets the last of it (but I wouldn't take it home for her - only food I actually eat at home, and frozen yogurt is not as good, and rather messy, when it is soup).


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