Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Open Letter To The Mother Screaming at her Kids

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An Open Letter To The Mother Screaming at her Kids in the Family Changing Room at the YMCA Last Night:

Perhaps you didn't know that we can hear you.
Perhaps, you don't care that we can hear you. 

Regardless, thank you for yelling loudly at your children in the family changing room across the hall from ours.  

I, too, was struggling with uncooperative kids in the changing room.  I, too, was screaming loudly.  My children, just like yours, weren't listening.  That is, they weren't listening until they heard you. Then they got quiet.

"See?" I asked the children, "Getting kids out of the pool is frustrating to all mothers! It is not just me!"

We stopped and listened to you yell.  You used the same words I did, about not putting their dry pants on the wet floor. Words I had just been screaming and my children had been ignoring.  You also threatened an immediate bedtime if they didn't listen.  You sounded just like me. 

I told the boys, "Mamas yell. It's not because her kids are bad. They are good kids just like you, but just like you they don't want to leave the pool and their Mama is getting frustrated, just like me."

I would like to say I didn't have to yell for the rest of the changing room experience, but I did.  I did yell a little quieter, and the boys did listen a little quicker.  

Thank you Mama, for not only making me feel more normal, but for showing my kids that I am not the only Mama who yells.  

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