Friday, August 23, 2013

The Obligatory Getting Ready for the New School Year Post, Only-Mama Style

Every mom has her skills. I rock at the be your own person thing. I rock at the let's give you a mohawk or make a pokemon or go to the zoo thing,  but no one would ever confuse me for one of those moms who rock at household management.

I've been called flighty. I've been accused of being too lax. In my defense, I only misplaced the baby once, well, twice, but I found him right away again and I didn't know that he could crawl up the stairs. I like to say I'm a "low energy" parent, but that's not really true. I am actually a highly involved parent, I just try to channel my energy into things that make me all of us happy. 

Cleaning makes none of us happy, and while it's possible that the kids would be happier if I were more organized, in general they like being free-range children.  They like their hair cut so short it doesn't require combing. They like all their toys arrayed on their bedroom floor so they can be admired and played with more easily.

I have evolved, though.  I got all their school clothes last month, and I performed secret voodoo rituals to insure my youngest got the kindergarten teacher I wanted. (Which worked! Score!)  I even located backpacks, lunch boxes and water bottles a full week before school started. I almost did a bang up job on that part. Almost.

Big Pants wanted to re-use last year's backpack and lunch box, so I just had to get one for Tiny Pants. (my Big Kindergartener!) He picked out one with owls. It's lavender. It was also only $5.99 instead of $19.99 so I was all for it.  Daddy, I think, won't be so pleased with it, so I'm ironing-on his name to make it more "boy" like. Well, except I just noticed that Tiny Pants picked out hot pink iron on letters so I guess Daddy won't be pleased with that after all. That's OK, it's not Daddy's lunch box. Besides, I did say I rocked the "you be you" mom thing.

We bought water bottles. I encouraged them to get different ones, so I will know who's is who's. I  even went to wash them last night, again, a whole week before I needed to.  And that's where i encountered a problem. 

If you aren't familiar with straw-style water bottles, they have an internal straw which is intrinsic to how they work, and this one was gone.  

MAMA: TIny Pants, we are going to have to return your water bottle.
TINY: Why?
MAMA: It's missing the straw.
TINY: no it's not.
MAMA: Yes, it is. See?
TINY: That's because I used it to drink my yogurt last week.
MAMA: Then what did you do with it?
TINY: I threw it away!

Great.  Luckily, if you saw this blog you know I never throw anything away, so I was able to rummage through my kitchen drawer and find a replacement. The sad part is that I had no idea he unscrewed the lid and stole the straw. I guess I might need to pay a little closer attention to my household management after all.


  1. I think it's great you let them be who they are. It is their own thing, after all, and if they like it they are more likely to care for it!

  2. I think it's great you let them be who they are. It's their thing, after all, and if they like it they are more likely to take care of it!


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