Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

This is for everyone who expects me to blog about my youngest child going off to kindergarten.

Yes, I got cute pictures. Yes I cried. OK, people? What more is there to say? He was tiny and melted and then I melted and tried to hide it and then the parents were asked to leave.  It's over. I have to pick him back up in an hour.

The school did this sweet program for parents but it made it harder on the kids. Here's a fact of life that is as true as an adult as it is when you are five: it is easier to be the leaver than the leavee.  If Tiny Pants had done like his brother did and got out of the car and left me, he would not have melted. It's hard to watch someone you love walk away.  

First day of kindergarten? Sucked. Second day, when he leaves me and marches off  to his class will be better. Rip the band aid already.  Luckily I came home to find new shoes had been delivered. 

(actually, I didn't even have the heart to try them on.)

No cute graphics for any of you! Tiny Pants was too tiny at his little table! I will not post a cute picture of him being all small!

When Big Pants went off, I was ready. I am ready for Tiny Pants to be a Kindergartner. Just don't make me post about it today. 

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