Friday, July 26, 2013

Travelogue Day 157 or Maybe Only 6

So we left the woods, but not the lovely state of West Virginia.  Took the boys to a coal mine and historic village (Tiny Pants now wants to be a coal miner when he grows up).  Went swimming.  Introduced the boys to the wonder and joy of the Cracker Barrel. 

Photos of Cracker Barrel Old County Store - Restaurant Images
This photo of Cracker Barrel Old County Store is courtesy of TripAdvisor

(It's not about the food - it's about the gift shop.)

This morning we made several trips to the breakfast buffet and relaxed in the large and spah-cious hotel room - they only had suites left, so I not only get my own bed but my own room - and then Big Pants threw up.  

I am not sure if he willed his stomach to turn itself inside out so that he could stay in bed playing iPad all day and not have to vacation any more, but somehow I doubt it.  I spent years trying to will myself sick on chemistry exam days and it never worked. Besides, he loves a good hotel pool. He'd never give that up willingly.

Now we are waiting to see if we spend the day in bed, or go sauntering about West Virginia some more. I just want him better enough to drive home tomorrow. Meanwhile Tiny Pants is shaking my legs demanding a third trip to the lobby for free breakfast. And he lost my page in the book I am reading in an effort to get me off the computer. Sigh. 

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