Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tattle Tale!

I don't often feel sorry for my ex, at least not out loud, but I did yesterday.

He was attempting to drive home from Chicago with the boys and his car broke down.  In the rain.  In the middle of nowhere.  Nowadays with cell phones it isn't nearly as big of a crisis as in years past, and after a long boring wait at the side of the road he got towed to a service station, where he got to wait another hour with the children before he was on his way.

I call the kids everyday. By that I mean I initiate the call.  I call them.  They don't call me very often, mainly because they do not have control over the cell phone, so I was surprised and a little worried when Tiny Pants took it upon himself to call me.

Mama: Wow, I bet you are glad to be home!

Tiny Pants: Daddy got pulled over!

Mama: (tries to control laughter)

Mama:  Well, that must have been…exciting!

Tiny Pants: It took forever and we had already broken down.

Mama: Well, did you at least get experience seeing how police really write tickets?

(Tiny Pants has a book of tickets he likes to give family members for various infractions)

Tiny Pants: We didn't even get a ticket! I didn't get any experience at all! It just took forever!

Daddy brought the kids home to me today, and we had the following conversation the minute he walked in the door:

Mama: Wow, you sure had a hard day of travel yesterday didn't you?

Tiny Pants: It took forever because Daddy got pulled over.

Mama: Well, you did break down.

Tiny Pants: Yeah, but the ticket took forever.

Poor Daddy.  He will always be remembered not for coping with mechanical breakdown, but for getting pulled over and not even getting a ticket.

(if you are wondering, he got pulled over for having too dark of window tinting of all things.)

(If you are also wondering if I am filled with glee when the boys tattle on Daddy,yes I am, but only because I know they tattle on me, too. Or at least that's mostly why.)

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