Monday, July 22, 2013

Let Sleeping Whales Breach

Tiny Pants fell asleep in my bed last night, and I didn't want to move him.  We were in a hotel room with 3 of us and two beds, so two of us were going to bunk down anyway, and he kept waking up a little unsure where he was, and I liked being able to pat his back and reassure him that is was OK before he full on woke up and stayed up.  But there was more.  I liked falling asleep with his little snuggly body near by.  It's been a long time.  

I started cosleeping/bedsharing with Big Pants when he was around 10 months old out of self-preservation.  I like how we give it a fancy name instead of just saying I let the baby sleep in my bed. Anyway, I nursed him every two hours all night, and was working full time and just couldn't go down the hall anymore. It worked for me, until he was two and a half and wouldn't leave my bed.   I wanted him out before the new baby came, but that just didn't happen.  We wound up with a "family" bed full of four humans for a while.

Surprisingly, it was Tiny Pants who was out of my bed first.  He was just a kid who liked his own sleep space. Big Pants would burrow his hands underneath me and try to sleep wrapped around me like a starfish on Sponge Bob.  Tiny would crawl to the end of the bed and sleep there.  

Big Pants also needed an act of congress and correct planetary alignment to fall asleep, whereas Tiny Pants just needed to be tired and laying down. He would sleep in the car, a pack n play, a stroller (all things that made his brother scream at the top of his lungs)  and even a crib. He was out of my bed happily before he turned one.  His brother wasn't out until just before kindergarten.

So I savored the treat of falling asleep next to him.  For about an hour.  Then he started acting like some sort of insane orca. 

He did this:

and this:

A lot of this: 

But none of this:

 Around 6:30 I gave up.  Here I am at my computer, and here he what he looks like, just wallowing in all the room.

I am tempted to poke him a little just once or twice, or make a lot of whale noises close to his head for pay back. Tomorrow he's bunking in with his brother!

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