Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kid Free Time

Disclaimer: The kids are away, so prepare yourselves for some less than amusing blogs. 

The boys are off to Chicago with Daddy for ten whole days. Sigh.  The worst part of single parenting is when the little buggers are away.  Now sometimes that is the best part, but whenever they are gone, even if I have planned a fun-filled grownup vacation, or scheduled to work a lot of overtime, I still miss those critters. Like a lot.

Beyond missing them, I worry.  I worry if they miss me too much, or if they don't miss me at all.  I worry about accidents on highways and if they are being watched closely enough on the playground. 

This time, however, I am doing something a little different.  Instead of calling them everyday, I am Skyping with them everyday.  Daddy's sister decided that umpteen-hundred dollar ipad minis were the perfect Easter gifts for the sweet young things, which I am sure will be (accidentally) smashed into pieces in the near future. Sigh.  Little hellions are so destructive and precious. Until that day comes, though, we are using the ipads to Skype, and it is brilliant.

You see my boys suck at the telephone. They  will only talk on speakerphone, and they seem to place the phone comfortably under their arm while they talk by the sound of it.  Not only can I not hear a word they say, I can barely tell which kid I am talking to.   Their tiny feelings get shredded when I guess incorrectly.

Skype, however, is a great invention.  I can actually understand them when they talk, I get to see their tiny adorable faces and see what they don't tell me; if they are tired, or bleeding, or laughing and having fun.  I got to see Tiny Pants wearing stick-on mustaches and Big Pants transform himself into a lion, or flower, using a travel pillow. (He said he was a lion but really looked much more like a daisy.) 

This may seem small and inconsequential, but it is the difference between hanging up the phone and missing them more than when I called, or hanging up the phone feeling like my soul got fed a little bit.  I can also screen-grab pictures of them off it. (Note to any single mamma's who are using Skype for more -eh hem - grown up purposes; viewers can easily grab screen shots of you to show their friends, just so you know. Scary, but important knowledge.) 

Actual Screen Grab
And did I mention Skype is free? I wonder if I can get a product endorsement deal out of this. Only Mama presents SKYPE - great for children and parents, but beware the nefarious screen grab! Hmm, better work on that slogan.

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