Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Different is not Mandatory


My oldest son loves baseball, in case you are a new reader or a forgetful one.  Well, really, he loves football, but baseball is what he's allowed to play, and it's currently baseball season. I know I have blogged about baseball previously here and here, but now I am going to blog about it again.

Did you know, by the way, that blog is actually Latin for Bitch, kvetch, or rant? Really. Or perhaps I can add these synonyms to Merriam-Webster. It would be accurate here at Only-Mama.

I have said before that I don't love sports.  I actually come from a long history of people who don't love sports; I come by it honestly.  My mother, her partner, my brother, my father... none of us love sports even a little tiny bit. Herein lies the problem.

I swore on my newborn baby's head that I would defend him from tyranny and not push my agenda on him, and defend him from all agenda-pushing family members no matter how well meaning. And now I have to.  I have to stand up for his right to play baseball.  

RELATIVE: There's more to life than baseball you know.  
ME:  Yes. I hate sports, but he loves them.  I swore that I would expose him to a multitude of hobbies and let him choose.  He chose baseball.
RELATIVE: Well he probably chose it because he wants his father's approval.
ME: Or because it is fun.
RELATIVE:   He could miss a game every now and then and do something else!
ME:  He did miss a game to be here now with you WHO IS NOT ACCEPTING HIM FOR WHO HE IS!!

OK I didn't say that last part.  I ended my statement after "with you." But here's the thing about liberal parents - they will fight to the death for you or your child to be different, but they can not stand when your child wants to be mainstream.

My parent, I mean nameless relative, will love my son no matter what, but they might love him a little bit more if he is weird, dates outside his race or inside his own gender.  They would love him to obsess about space or dinosaurs or volcanos, classical music or art.  They are prepared to accept him no matter how different he is.

But they are not really prepared for him to be normal. They don't know how to deal with a kid that loves what boys traditionally love --  sports.

This, of course, reminds me of how I rebelled in my teens by becoming Born-Again Christian and listening to Rush Limbaugh.  It was the best and easiest way to piss off my parents.  I even voted for George Bush (the first) in 1991. Believe me, it was far more effective tool of disobedience than my brother's mohawk.

Son, look into my eyes. 

You have the right to be normal.  

You have the right be straight.

You have the right to love baseball more than anything.

You even have the right to vote Republican.

You can grow in the direction most pleasing to you.  Just love the life you lead.  That's all I ask of you.

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