Saturday, June 1, 2013

Practical Advice for Single Parents That You Marrieds Might Enjoy As Well

How often have you debated getting involved with someone new?  You are intrigued by them; find them fascinating, sure, but we all know how easily that can wear off after, say, 60 days.  (Two months is the official expiration date for infatuation, in my opinion.)

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to determine right away if someone would still be interesting, awesome, and even attractive down the road?

Well, Gentle Readers, in my devotion to you I have road-tested yet another product this week.

While the toothpaste results might have been questionable,  this one has been proven to be undeniably useful.  It is guaranteed to answer your questions if they are THE ONE  or not.  It is called the Aging Booth App (available for iphone and android).   I even tested it on myself.

 Now you will know without question if he/she will be attractive in 30-ought years!  You can skip holding one eye shut on first dates and just quietly snap their picture and have instant results. 

Many thanks to Single Dad Laughing for turning me on to such a fine and useful product.

Warning:  I put my kids through the time machine as well, and although their results were cute, it was also deeply disturbing.  I don't recommend it.


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