Sunday, April 14, 2013

Law of Natural Consequences

My oldest child is a dream today.  He has taken his little brother to the bathroom, offered to make me coffee, offered to fold laundry, and made his own breakfast.  No, it's not Mother's Day, that little bugger wants something and we both know what it is - the most wonderful, perfect glass and liquid construction called a Hand Boiler.  Oh My God, he just refilled his own cup of milk.

Looks awesome, doesn't it? Don't tell him it only costs $5.99 please, you'll spoil my fun.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen, doing something productive and motherly, and crash!  Of course I went running into the living room to find a pile of broken glass where the hand boiler had been.  The one he got for Christmas and we kept way up high to keep it from breaking.  

Big Pants:  I broke a rule.
Holds out small soft baseball, bursts into tears, burrows into couch.

Punished by God, not Mama! Or, if you don't believe in God, punished by Santa, the giver of the gift. Or Mother Nature, creator of the Law of Natural Consequences.

I let that boy cry and whine and pout for hours. I said, "Too bad, so sad. Next time listen to Mama.  I make rules for a reason."  Surprisingly, he did not find this comforting.

At bedtime the tears were renewed once again, but this time he asked if he could do extra work to earn a replacement.  I hemmed and hawed and finally agreed that was possible, and conceded I knew where to buy one. (In reality, I do all of Santa's shopping around here. Don't tell the kids.)

I would have to say that this Law of Natural Consequences is working out pretty well today. I have a super helpful beautiful boy, and I didn't have to yell once.

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