Monday, April 29, 2013

Everything a non-sports person needs to know about Jason Collins

Jason Collins came out this week.  If you have no idea who he is, you can click here  which actually won't tell you who he is, just that he is gay, but that's fine.  If you are like me, just having a gay NBA player is really all I need to know, seeing as I don't watch basketball ever anyway.

Here is a picture of him looking very un-stereotypically gay.


Here is a picture of him looking not only ungay, but also unattractive. 
(Am I allowed to say that?) Note- the white presumably straight guy is not afraid to touch the gay guy.  Let's hope that continues.


He he is once again looking un-gay but looking more attractive.
(To balance out second picture)

Here's why it's cool:

1. He's big and kinda scary looking and tough.  He's sort of the poster child for anti-sissified gay men. But that's not the coolest part.  It's cool if you look stereotypical or if you don't look stereotypical in my book, but a lot of people seem to need people to break down their preconceived notions and stereotypes.

2.  He's probably not an idiot, therefore he trusts his fellow NBA players as well as the fans to not freak out.  That means times have changed in a big way.  

3. Sports Illustrated ran the story, not The Advocate.  That means SI trusted its readers not to cancel subscriptions.   Again, the world is changing, and we are witnessing it. 

 I was always jealous that I wasn't there for all the monumental change of my mother's generation, but here I am watching the world change, one brave person at a time.  And if it is OK for a big tough basketball player to be gay, one would think pretty soon accountants and secretaries and plumbers can be gay at work too.

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