Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Conversations in the car with Tiny Pants

The discussions spurred from asking Tiny Pants how his day was were too good to share.

Mama: What did you do today? 

Tiny:  We had a goat at school today. (This is most likely true - Yoda the goat makes sporadic appearances through out the year.)  

Mama: Was it Yoda?

Tiny: Yes and we dyed him green.  (This is unlikely to be true, for the record.)

Mama: How did you do that?

Tiny:  We put him in a kiddie pool filled with green dye and dyed him green.  He liked it.
 (If, for some strange reason, they did dye him green, I highly doubt he liked it.)

Tiny: And do you know what rule my friend Matthew* has in his car?

Mama:  What?

Tiny: No eating in the car.  Ever.

Mama makes note to self, do not schedule play date with Matthew. His mother will never understand the chaotic beauty of our house.

Tiny: Do you know what we did at Daddy's?

Mama: What?

Tiny: Went on a play date.

Mama: Was it fun?


Mama wonders what odd variety of people Daddy is exposing them to.  Probably aliens

* Names have been changed.

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