Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whistle Pigs and Cake

I am cool. I am stylish. I am someone reduced to girlish squeals of glee when allowed to feed a whistle pig.  Ok, ground hog, but whistle pig is such fun to say.

For Tiny's Pants' fifth birthday, I booked an animal show.  The animal people explained how all their animals were given to them by people who didn't want them or were rescues. They were nice, and gentle, and sweet.

The animal show people instructed us to remain calm and not scream and yell or we would scare the animals. Nineteen children sat calmly in a circle and waited for their turn to pet the animals. Nineteen 3 to 8 year olds were quiet and waited their turn and sat nicely.

And then there was me. I did sit nicely. I did ooh and aaah over the adorable animals.  I did wait my turn to pet the animals, and refrained from mowing over those little three year olds in my enthusiasm.  I did, at least for the sugar gliders, chinchilla, coati, kincachu, and angora bunny.

Until the groundhog.
Here comes the cuteness!

I have always loved ground hogs. I used to have a ground hog-friend who lived next to the highway and that I looked for everyday on my way to work.  But I have never been able to pet a ground hog, or feed him carrots.
See? I let children feed Piggie, too.

We were instructed to call "Piggie!" in unison to get the ground hog to come out. Maybe it was the yelling that got me overly-excitable, I'm not sure.  I had not yet eaten cake, so I can't blame sugar.  But I did morph into a five year old girl when that Piggie came out. 

Piggie! Come back! I love you, Piggie!

How could any person sit still and quietly when that amazing adorableous-maximus came running around the circle?

I was asked by a grown-up or two if the animal show was for the kids, or for me.  Heck, ya, it was for me!  They enjoyed it too, but they will forget it in a few years.  I will remember it forever!  

(Oh, there was also cake, presents, a pinata, blah blah blah GROUND HOG!)

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