Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unsolicited Advice Column

I decided as a kid that being Dear Abby would be cool, except there already was a Dear Abby and a twin sister Ann Landers who apparently had the market locked down.

Now I have my very own blog and I have decided the world needs my advice.  Why? Because I'm bossy and like to tell people what to do. There I said it.  Actually, I'm not that bossy, and I'm not that great at black and white issues and tend to give people a couple of options and let them figure it out for themselves, while telling them they are great people, which doesn't make a great advice column.  

I also have the problem that no one is clambering for my advice, which is where the unsolicited advice comes in. I have an internet, I can give unsolicited advice to anyone who seems to need it, and if I'm careful, maybe no one will sue me. I have already given unsolicited, anonymous advice to people here so I think the precedent has been set.

If you want to solicit my bad advice, please do so and I will answer anything I think I have an answer for. (You can email me or post anonymously in the comment field. I won't ever tell anyone your name or identifying characteristics.)  If you take my advice, realize who you are asking. I am not a trained professional or someone who has their life together. I also don't have any worldly possessions worth suing me for.

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