Friday, March 8, 2013

Mama Reset Button

Why Grown Up Time Makes Me a Better Parent

A daycare provider once told me that when you have a day where all the babies in the nursery are fussy, it's you, not them.  As inconceivable as this is, apparently when my kids are driving me nuts, it is as likely my lack of patience as it is their irritating behavior. Hmm. Let's think about that.

Kids go through stages. Mine will go months and months of playing well together and entertaining themselves (mostly) to weeks on end when all they seem to do is irritate each other, whine and fuss and make me crazy.  At least some of this is valid; I do not believe that I am just feeling fussy and short-tempered when they make me crazy. I think they are making me crazy which makes me fussy and short tempered, which makes them whiney and irritating which makes me fussy and short-tempered… 

You get the picture, but I am going to blame them for starting it, because I'm mature like that. OK, regardless of who is at fault, what everyone needs to break the cycle is a Mama Reset Button, A.K.A. a night out without children.

(Cue lights and smoke machine)

I picked up my date,a 2 inch pink plastic dinosaur I stole - err borrowed - from my son, and met some friends Out In Public - at a Bar- Without Children - After Bedtime.

My date drank a little too much, and encouraged me to sing loudly and dance badly.  A good time was had by all.  
My Date

The next day I was tired, but I had more patience. I was less fussy and irritated with children who were still somewhat irritating and fussy.  I was a better mother.

Back when my brother and I were fussy, irritating children, (hard to believe I was ever an irritating child, isn't it?) my parents started a mandatory Friday night date night and held to it my entire adolescence.  I resented it. I was jealous and mad to be left home, but I am sure I was beaten much less as a result. 

Whether you are single or married, drink alcohol or prefer coffee, you need to escape your children on occasion and do whatever it is that makes you happy as a grown up. Your children might bitch and moan about you going, but they will enjoy you more as a result, and they will live a longer, happier life. 


  1. That's why bartering cello lessons for babysitting was the best decision I ever made. :)


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