Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Weird Ways I'm Like my Mother

The kids and I just got home from a visit with my moms (plural intended).  I completely envy people who live in the same town as their parents.  It was great to have people that I love deeply to chat with at the playground, and to help make sandwiches and manage the chaos my children bring everywhere they go.  It was great fun sending the children to pounce on them to wake them up in the morning.

When you live in the same town as your parents, I think you don't appreciate all the little things you have in common with them.  I don't mean marveling over matching wrinkle patterns on foreheads, standards of cleanliness or even the phraseology of any individual family.  I mean the little weird stuff other people don't notice.

For example:

My mother will fill a glass of water, drink most of it, and leave a little bit in the glass right next to the sink.  One could say that the sink is right there, just dump it out and get fresh water next time.  But I understand this!  I do the same thing, and I always wondered why I always do this!  I saw the cup, and I got it!  It's not my fault! It's heredity!  We are a water conservation people!

One of my moms asked if I wanted to take the kids to a certain beach.  I did not.  I read a news article a few years back about someone who lost a leg to a shark at that particular beach in two feet of water. Now, I know this isn't a rational reason not to go to this beach, but still, I wasn't going.  The other beach with no remnants of human blood was fine with me.

I told my other mom, "No, I don't want to go there. I have a completely irrational reason I'll tell you later." (I didn't want to mention leg-eating sharks in front of the boys.)

My mom replies, "OK, we won't go there.  We totally believe in irrational reasons."  

Bless her heart, she wasn't being sarcastic. She went on to tell me of how she had a dream that  I drowned at this campground we frequented every summer, and after her dream we never went back, even though we had been going to the same place for years. 

Lastly, they have the same appreciation for the finer things in life.  As a stylish, sophisticated woman, I have some standards. Apparently, my moms have the exact same high standards.  While wandering through a botanical garden, I asked if they had a bathroom.

"Oh, they have a very nice bathroom! It doesn't even smell!"

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