Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, Look, I'm Blogging

I’ve been a single mother of two boys since the baby was four months old and the big one just shy of three.  It’s been over four years, and I have kept all of us alive and relatively sane most of the time. I don’t parent the way I always intended; I’m rather wonky and unconventional and my lectures go on a lot longer than they should.  I have always spoken to them on an adult level, but occasionally I am too sleep deprived to think clearly, and go into topics with them I shouldn’t. Like explaining what hot-boxing is. Now the four year old farts on people’s heads. (I know, it’s not hot-boxing exactly, but it is in the spirit of it.)

My boys are brilliant and sweet and I thank my lucky stars I got the kids I did. They never clean up their rooms, demand new toys on a daily basis, and thank me profusely for everything I do for them without being prompted. For purposes of this blog (and in case either of them wants to run for president someday) I shall refer to them as Big Pants, the elder, and Tiny Pants the younger.

Big Pants is seven and in the 2nd grade. He learned the fine art of manipulation-through-tears at a young age and is continually refining his skills. Big Pants is on a mission for truth, justice, and obtaining every stuffed animal known to man. 

The younger, Tiny Pants, is nearing his fifth birthday.  Unlike his brother, he has the charm and flexible morals of a career politician.  He is pursuing his life long dream of harassing his brother until he is rendered useless, at which point Tiny Pants shall steal all the stuffed animals.

Our house also has Cat and Dog, who shall remain nameless to protect their guilty butts.

My life is not all kid-centered though; the nature of shared parenting allows a lot of grownup kid-free time as well, and becoming a single parent means re-entering the dating world, and redefining your role as a friend, daughter, and sister as well.

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  1. Love your nicknames- and laughing over the farting on people's heads. Oh my, what I have to look forward to!!


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