Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lice Prevention Plan # 186. Buzz Cuts

My second grader has lice in his school. Again.

Lice as in bugs that live on your head and creep around in your hair and itch you. That require stuffed animals to be sealed in plastic bags for weeks to kill. That make you boil everything you own.

1. I hate bugs. I fear bugs that crawl on me, in particular.
2. I hate laundry.
3. I hate vacuuming and shampooing carpets as much if not more than I hate laundry.
4. Getting infested with lice would suck, suck, suck.

Here is a Venn Diagram to illustrate my point:

I read online that lice prefer clean hair, so I stopped washing their hair too much. Then, sadly,  I read this is a myth. Bummer, because that fed into lice prevention and laziness justification in one fell swoop.

A friend told me that their hair was too short for lice, so I did further research. It turns out that reading about lice doesn't ease your paranoia.

I just learned these facts:
1. The louse’s mouth is like a very small needle. It sticks this into the scalp and drinks the blood.
2. Most people only realize they have head lice when this itch starts. By then they’ve had lice on their head for two or three months without knowing it.
3. Some people never get the itch, including adults. They may have a few lice on their heads for years without knowing it, and can pass them to other people.


I stopped reading and just shaved the kids heads. Literally.  But first I had to talk them into it.

We looked at pictures of athletes and children with buzz cuts. We discussed how fun their head would be to pet. We discussed having to shampoo less often, never having to blow dry, and swimming faster. They bought it.

We went to the salon and I said "they have lice in their school" and she just nodded and took out the clippers.  It may be an urban legend that hair shorter than 1/2 inch is lice proof, but if it is not, I DON'T want to hear it!!  She was a professional and she obviously knew just what to do!

I reassured them of how cute they looked, and how they wouldn't need a haircut for months and months, and Daddy could probably do it at his house.

They got buzzed. They looked in the mirror….

"Mama, this is the Best Haircut of my Life!"

Mama wins!


  1. I am so glad you have boys you should feel lucky! I have been examining Kaylee's head for lice like I am a mama gorilla looking for a snack on her young to eat. It is part of life, and so it goes.


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