Monday, January 21, 2013

Go Fish War

Some say your children are like you because they live with you and you mold their  little beings from the moment they appear on the planet.  Other people say that your kids are like you because they have the same genetic makeup as you (assuming they are your biological children).  Some people think their kids are nothing like them at all.

Well, in my house, although we didn't solve the nature/nurture debate, we got some pretty serious proof that my kids are just as wonky as I am.

I had started to get a little jealous this week of all the male-bonding football watching and farting on each other that my kids love at Daddy's house. (I have a firm "no farting on people" rule.)  I was feeling left out, because I don't always enjoy the things that my kids love, whereas Daddy seems to. Then we started playing Go Fish War.

Before bed we play Go Fish with these lovely cards with beautiful photographs on them of random objects: a telephone, a doll, a bee, etc. Go Fish is pretty cool, because all three of us can play it.  Tiny Pants has little respect for board games, and will only play if he can make up his own rules, which frustrates Big Pants and makes him cry. Tiny Pants likes Go Fish; he can play without help, and he mostly tells the truth if you as him if he has a particular card. Mostly.

I recently introduced the beastie boys to the game of War, which they love even more than Go Fish.  The only problem is that it tends to go on longer than Go Fish, and I get sick of it.

The other day, they wanted to play War.  I did not.  I voted for Go Fish.  I lost.  I suggested we play War with the Go Fish cards.

Here's the rules:
1. Bunny beats everything (Ace)
2. Creepy Doll always loses.
3. Living always beats inanimate.

That's it. I figured we would have some interesting conversations about which would win: a pinecone against a helicopter,  for example.  I was going to use this to teach them how to debate, and it would keep me from the mind numbing boredom of playing war.  Except for one interesting thing.

We all agreed on what beat what, all the time.

Bunny beats monkey
monkey beats school bus
shell beats chair
firetruck beats school bus
school bus beats bicycle

There was no argument.  Everyone always instantly agreed, even if that meant they lost.  It was true; my kids' brains worked in the same strange way that mine does. There were also a few rules throw in that had nothing to do with equity.

"(Whatever) wins because I'm losing" is allowed a few times per player, without the sibling objecting.  It is understood that you feel bad when you lose too often.

"Yo-yo wins because it is my favorite card," also works. If Tiny Pants ever loses his precious yo-yo card, everyone suffers. Big Pants is perfectly happy to let him keep it, even if it means he loses the round.  No one knows why the pair of yoyo cards are sacred, but we understand that they are, and somethings are too precious to share.

Yeah, Daddy, you can let them fart on your head, but they are still more like me in ways that matter the most.

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  1. Amon might have a problem with the fire truck beating the school bus, but other than that, we're with you 100%. :)

    1. Fire truck, school bus and race car were the ones I couldn't figure out, but they had a hierarchy all figured out!


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